Triple border


The monument on top of Triple border elevation

Triple border or mountain Peč is 1510 meters high elevation above Rateče and is a juncture of three countries: Slovenia, Italy and Austria. It is a juncture of three cultures: Slavic, Roman and Germanic. Every year, representatives of all three nationalities meet at the top, right here the idea about the organization of the Olympic games of the three countries was born. Triple border represents a popular hiking point for locals and tourists.

Triple border or Peč is in the Italian language called Monte Forno and in German language Dreiländereck or Ofen. On the top, there are numerous memorials in three languages. Registration book and stamp are on Slovenian side next to the small house of nearby transmitters, on Italian side stands bigger wooden shelter and from Austrian side, you can come to the top with a chairlift form close ski slope Dreiländereck. At the top beautiful view opens to the Julian Alps, Karst Alps, Zile Alps, High and Low mountain nature park and western part of Karavanke.

Triple border
The view from Triple border
Triple border monument

Inscription on the monument:
Triple border

Mountain of peace of Sri Chinmoj

Achieving your inner peace is the greatest human need.” (Sri Chinmoj)

At this important European junction of three large linguistic groups and cultures, a monument to understanding and friendship among nations should be set up.

The triple border has become part in the chain of hundreds of different monuments of peace, among them are the foundations, mountains, bridges, towns, parks and natural sights, which encourage the harmonious coexistence of people and nations, improve their contentment among them and help to overcome internal and external borders.

Peace does not only mean that there is no war. Peace means that there is contentment, love and unity.” (Sri Chinmoj)

Triple border, June 12, 1994

Peč (1510 m)

Monument to the friendship

Monument to the friendship between Friuli-Julian landscape (FJL), Slovenia and Austrian Carinthia
At the ceremony of uncovering the monument the vice-president of FJL Gianfranco Moretton said: “In Europe, which is spreading to the east, this mountain, where the borders cross, no longer represents a barrier, but a meeting point among nations, which is accompanied by a strong friendship.” At that time, Slovenia and FJL concluded a civil protection agreement. In practice, it was first used on Friday, July 21st 2006, when also Italian planes were putting out the fires on Karst. The monument was uncovered 30 years after the first competition between the voluntary firefighters of three countries was organized.


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