Collapse Sokolak

Sokolak is a double collapse valley or collapse, which is divided into two parts, to smaller eastern and bigger western part with a single southern wall. The volume of collapse is 8,5 m3. The Karst has large watertight flysch from where water flows to permeable limestone, and on these parts, collapse appears as vivid karst phenomenon. The phenomenon occurs due to the dissolution of the carbonate rock substrate.

Both parts, east and west, belong among collapses with a bowl shape. Eastern part has the bottom of an oval shape, with a length of 175 meters and height between 30 and 40 meters. Its dept is 119.5 meters, and with that is the second deepest collapse in Škocjan park.

The western part has an extensive flat bottom, with a length of 250 meters and a height of 70 meters. Its deepest depth is 107.2 meters. Below the walls, we can find screes. In the walls, there is a very hard accessible entrance into 32 meters long and 14 meters deep cave in Sokolak.

In the upper part of western slopes opens Mala cave (en. Small cave) on Preval. On eastern slopes, we can found flowstone on the surface, which is evidence of the former caves, which denudation removed the ceiling.


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Matavun is a small village in municipality Divača, near the entrance to the Škocjan caves in the Littoral region of Slovenia. Through the village runs a part of Škocjan educational trail. In the middle of the village is a village kal, a shallow pond with the impermeable bottom that accumulates rainwater. [_Read more_]