Village Matavun

Matavun is a small village in municipality Divača, near the entrance to the Škocjan caves in the Littoral region of Slovenia. Through the village runs a part of Škocjan educational trail.

In the middle of the village is a village kal, a shallow pond with the impermeable bottom that accumulates rainwater. Not far from it was once an ice-storage, an underground spaces suitable for storing ice. On the other side stands a big linden tree, which has been worshiped since ancient times. We, Slovenians even have a linden leaf for a symbol. Just across the road is NLS monument to the fallen fighters.

Josip Jože Cerkvenik lived in village Matavun and was one of Škocjan cavers, who with candles, oil lamps or carbides, poorly secured, explored, built and guided visitors to the caves. He is credited for the reputation of Škocjanske caves and their exceptional cultural heritage, which is interwoven with the natural wonders of the area.


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Sokolak is a double collapse valley or collapse, which is divided into two parts, to smaller eastern and bigger western part with a single southern wall. The volume of collapse is 8,5 m3. The Karst has large watertight flysch from where water flows to permeable limestone, and on these parts, collapse appears. [_Read more_]