The house at the beginning of the village Sodevci

Sodevci is a small settlement trapped between winding branches of river Kolpa in Poljanska valley, it stands on the left bank of the river in municipality Črnomelj, right next to the Slovenian-Croatian border. It is located at an altitude of 190 meters. Above the village is Sodevci wall (slo. Sodevska stena), which offers a beautiful view to the valley, surrounding place and hills. At the access to the wall is Sodevci sprout (slo. Sodevski kal). In Sodevci there is a natural bathing area of the river Kolpa.

The old house in the village

The settlement was first time mentioned in the year 1576. According to the older sources, the settlement was before named Sodevce, German Schöpfenlang. Once the inhabitants made their living with agriculture, sale of wood and something with smuggling of spirit and wine to Kočevje. During the war, the villagers were forced to internment, which caused a drop of men in the village for the time being. In the year 1920 there were 20 houses in the village with 70 to 80 people. Today there are 31 houses with barely 45 people. The locals themselves claim that here is the home of the oldest tamburitza in Slovenia, which has its roots from the year 1923.


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Sodevci sprout
Sodevci sprout is arranged small sprout, which once served to imbibe the livestock. The area of the sprout was typical by that it served as a common village pasture. In the surrounding area of the sprout, we can see preserved walls of stables, by that we can assume about the purpose of this place. [_Read more_]

Sodevci wall
Sodevci wall (si. Sodevska stena) is one of the most recognizable features of Regional park Kolpa and gives a view on the greater part of Poljane valley, which was carved by the Kolpa river. From here we can see village Sodevci, Stari vrh, viewpoint Kozice and river Kolpa winding its way across the valley. [_Read more_]