Sodevci sprout


Sodevci sprout

Sodevci sprout (slo. Sodevski kal) is arranged small sprout, which once served to imbibe the livestock. The area of the sprout was typical by that it served as a common village pasture. In the surrounding area of the sprout, we can see preserved walls of stables, by that we can assume about the purpose of this place. Sodevci sprout is located next to the main road in direction Radenci and Vinica, past it goes the arranged forest path, which leads to the village Sodevci. Soon after the sprout, one path goes to the left, which leads to Sodevci wall, natural landmark connected with river Kolpa. The entire area is part of Landscape park Kolpa and is arranged and marked with directional boards.

Sprouts, also Sodevci sprout, have a great significance in natural science, as they represent important living space for many animal species, mostly for amphibians, insects, and birds. The renovation of the sprouts was connected with reviving of old habits and traditions, as they testify about the resourcefulness of our ancestors. Village sprouts used to be very important, but Sodevci sprout also had a special task. The village Sodevci itself stands next to the river Kolpa in Poljane valley, where they lacked cultivated land. That is why the villagers had plots on the higher ground above the steep canyon of the river. Because of that, the cultivated lands were quite distant and inaccessible, so they also built here stalls for livestock, and they walked daily to feed them, in addition, they cultivated this area. With that, they made their work easier, as they had cattle and manure in immediate proximity. So it was not necessary to bring mowed fodder into the valley.

Sodevci sprout

In the year 1896, they built a sprout, so the livestock had access to the water, it was located next to five stalls and one inhabited house. About that testifies the stone, in which are carved initials of four landowners, who led the work while constructing the sprout. Still today locals name this place Pri Sodevskih štalah (en. At Sodevci stables).

Sprout was after WWII renewed and served his purpose until the year 1962 when they stopped with grazing at this area. With time, the fields and pastures were overgrown by forest. Carefully stacked stone walls at the borders of the plots testify that here once were the areas for cultivating the land. With time, the sprout its self was overgrown with growth, and became almost invisible, but in the year 2007, it was renewed again.


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Sodevci is a small settlement trapped between winding branches of river Kolpa in Poljanska valley, it stands on the left bank of the river in municipality Črnomelj, right next to the Slovenian-Croatian border. It is located at an altitude of 190 meters. Above the village is Sodevci wall. [_Read more_]

Sodevci wall
Sodevci wall (si. Sodevska stena) is one of the most recognizable features of Regional park Kolpa and gives a view on the greater part of Poljane valley, which was carved by the Kolpa river. From here we can see village Sodevci, Stari vrh, viewpoint Kozice and river Kolpa winding its way across the valley. [_Read more_]