Railway bridge over the Bled gorge


Arch railway bridge
Arch railway bridge

The largest and fully preserved stone arch railway bridge in Slovenia. It is a part of the railway line Jesenice – Most na Soči and it is crossing the troughs in Bled gorge. It was built in years 1904 and 1905 from cut stone. It rises up to 33 meters above the surface of the river Radovna. It is 4,5 meters wide and 65 meters long. The main span of the arch is 41 meters, on each side are 3 meters wide relief openings. The bridge was designed by architect Robert Schonhofer.


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travel-sloveina-bled-gorge-viewBled gorge
Bled gorge (or Blejski vintgar) is 1.6 km long gorge, through which river Radovna flows (near the village Zgornje Gorje). The walls of the sink are 50 to 100 meters high, the height of the slope is 250 meters. In the gorge are jumps, rapids, potholes and other forms of water corrosion activity. [_Read more_]