Ostri vrh above Vipava valley


Ostri vrh
Ostri vrh

Ostri vrh is located above settlement Gaberje in the middle of Vipavska Brda. It is 422 meters high elevation with a beautiful view on entire Vipava and Gorica valley, as well as on Karst plateau to the sea. It is the most popular hiking point of the villages. On the top, there is a bench, enrollment book, geodetic point and cross. The cross was erected Gaberje villagers. The hill represents the highest point of hike Along Vertovec trails, which happens every year.

The view from the top
The cross on the top


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Village Ustje is located in upper Vipava valley, at the confluence of rivers Vipava and Hubelj and at the foot of Vipava humps. The village has about 400 residents. The settlement rises along southeast slope of the hill, on top of which stand church of St. Janez and reaches altitude 147 meters. [_Read more_]