Memorial to the fallen fighters NLA and to the fighters for freedom in Kostanjevica na Krasu


Monument to the fallen fighters

In the village cemetery, next to the church of St. Martin, in the village Kostanjevica na Krasu stands the memorial to the 28 fallen fighters of NLA (National Liberation Army) and to the victims for the freedom during the year 1941 and 1945. The memorial was erected by Kostanjevica townspeople on July 22nd, 1985.




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Church of St. Martin
The church is located on the hill in the middle of the village Kostanjevica na Krasu, it was built in the year 1724. It is a parish church of Roman-Catholic territorial parish of Karst deanery in Koper parish. The original church was dedicated in the year 1518, mentioned in the year 1725 as clerical. [_Read more_]

Kostanjevica na Krasu
Kostanjevica na Krasu (en. Kostanjevica on Karst) is a smaller settlement located on Komen Karst, in municipality Miren – Kostanjevica. Kostanjevica is known as a birth place of academic painter Jože Spacal and writer Igor Torkar. The settlement Kostanjevica na Krasu developed on a steep slope. [_Read more_]