Mala gora, Ribnica


Mountain chain Mala gora

Mala gora (en. Small mountain) is located in the vicinity of settlements Ribnica, Velike Lašče, and Dobrepolje. It is a mid-mountain range in Ribnica Kočevje region, which extends between disappearing river Rašica in Kolpa. Elevation rises above Dobrepolje and Struška valley on the northeast and above Ribnica valley and Kočevje field on the south. On the northwest side, it descends over the lower hill towards the road between Velike Lašče and Ortnek, on the southwest is the road Kočevje – Dvor pri Žužemberku and it divides it from Kočevje Mala gora.

Mala gora is 20 kilometers long, its width is reaching only a few kilometers. Its highest peak is viewing walls of Sveta Ana (en. Saint Ana) with 964 meters, followed by Črni vrh (en. Black peak) with 955 meters and important Grmada with 886 meters, where a tourist home stands. The elevation is built from limestone and dolomite, here we can find many Karst caves and abyss. Most famous dripstone Francetova jama (en. France’s cave) is located along the road from Ribnica towards Sveta Ana and is suitable for the view. Mala gora is covered with forests, mostly with spruce, fir, and beech. In between, we can also find hay meadows. In the forest are many wildlife, bears and wild pigs. Mostly it is uninhibited, only around rare settlements at the foot (Velike Poljane, Onek) is a handful of cultivated world and pastures.


On May 13th, 1941 at Jože Lovšin forest cottage came to a struggle between three members of organization TIGR (abbreviation for names Trieste, Istria, Gorica, and Reka) and Italian Carabinieri patrol from Ribnica, with a help of three local Slovenian officers. The struggle lasted for half an hour, in that time Danilo Zelen has fallen, a military leader of this organization. Ferdo Kravanja, who was badly wounded, was captured, Anton Majnik manages to escape bounded. The struggle on Mala gora was the first armed struggle with occupying forces in Slovenia. A year later, on July 28th, 1942, at Žiglovica cave one of the major war crimes during WWII in Slovenia happened, when Slovenian partisans killed and thrown into the abyss 9 Slovenian farmers from Prigorica, Dolenja vas, and Žlebič. Because of these killings, in the mobilization of the LF (Liberation front) in 1943, the Ribnica locals preferred to join the anti-Communist Slovenian Home guard.


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Grmada above Ortnek
Grmada, also Grmada above Ortnek, is an 887 meters high viewpoint on the western side of Ribnica’s Mala gora. It is located above settlement Vrh pri Poljanah, to which an asphalt road leads. On the top, which is overgrown, stands RTV transmitter and tourist home from the year 1959. [_Read more_]

Gornje Retje
Gornje Retje is a small nucleated settlement, which is located in municipality Velike Lašče. The village is lying to the south of settlement Velike Lašče, on the main road from Škofljica to Kočevje. In the village is the biggest farm in the municipality, called Pri Korenovih. [_Read more_]