Grmada above Ortnek


The view on Grmada

Grmada, also Grmada above Ortnek, is an 887 meters high viewpoint on the western side of Ribnica’s Mala gora. It is located above settlement Vrh pri Poljanah, to which an asphalt road leads. On the top, which is overgrown, stands RTV transmitter and tourist home from the year 1959. In good weather, a beautiful view opens, which reaches a major part of Lower Carniola. If we take a walk around the top, we can also see Snežnik, Julian Alps, Karavanke and Kamnik-Savinja Alps. In a time of the Turkish invasions, bonfires were lit to inform the inhabitants, that the Turkish threat was coming. Ribnica mountain path goes over the top of Grmada.

The view from Grmada

The view from Grmada



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Gornje Retje
Gornje Retje is a small nucleated settlement, which is located in municipality Velike Lašče. The village is lying to the south of settlement Velike Lašče, on the main road from Škofljica to Kočevje. In the village is the biggest farm in the municipality, called Pri Korenovih. [_Read more_]

Mala gora
Mala gora (en. Small mountain) is located in the vicinity of settlements Ribnica, Velike Lašče, and Dobrepolje. It is a mid-mountain range in Ribnica Kočevje region, which extends between disappearing river Rašica in Kolpa. Mala gora is 20 kilometers long, its width is reaching only a few kilometers. [_Read more_]