Church of St. Gregory, Kobdilj

Church of St. Gregory

The church of St. Gregory is located on a smaller elevation above Kobdilj and is decorated with a Gothic portal and the bell tower on equisetum or bellflower. It stands in the middle of the walled cemetery. It is the late Gothic church, which was built between the years 1463 and 1464. Next to the church is a tomb of the Fabiani family. To the legend about the shepherd, whom the snake wrapped the neck while sleeping, reminds the relief of the head on the outside of the presbytery.

The church of St. Gregory is a subsidiary church of the parish church of St. Daniel in Štanjel. The cemetery church is composed of a five-eight completed star arched presbytery, covered with a krill. The wider rectangular nave above the western facade is being concluded with bellflower and is covered with roof tiles. The church was designed by the architect Max Fabiani around the year 1940.


The church from the other side
The view of Štanjel from the church of St. Gregory



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Fabiani path
Fabiani path runs between Štanjel and Kobdilj, it unites several shorter walking trails, leading to favorite works of architectural creations of Max Fabiani. Max Fabiani is a known architect, who in Štanjel worked during the First and Second World War. Fabiani path starts below the old part of Štanjel. [_Read more_]

Štanjel is located on the northeastern edge of Karst plateau, it is combined by old part or Gornja vas, which is located on the slope of Turn and newer part or Dolnja vas. It is one of the oldest settlements on Karst, it was written for its old city center. It got its name after the patron of the church, St. Danijel. [_Read more_]