Church of Mary the Virgin


Chuch of Mary the Virgin
Chuch of Mary the Virgin

Church of Mary the Virgin is located in the center of settlement Vrtovin and is directed towards east. The church was renovated for the last time in year 1897. In the axis follow the trilaterally finished presbytery, which has a preserved Gothic window, and a wider and higher rectangular ship. Church bells stands next to northern wall.  From details on the church bell and the presbytery it is seen that the church has been here already in the 15th century. Gothic church, which was processed several times, keeps on the altar the famous wooden Gothic plastic Mary with a child from 15th century. Probably it was formed around year 1475 and belongs to Salzburg’s artistic style. Over the main altar is a coat of arms from 17th century. Baroque interior also has a preserved altar from second half of 18th century. Eastern facade is finishing with triangular gable; the wall is perforated with pseudo-gothic windows and niches. On the wall of the main ship there is a cross made around year 1500, and in the vestry we can find a statue of St. Paul, which is probably quarter of century older than the cross.


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Vrtovin belongs among the most elongated counties in Ajdovščina. It is characterised by reminders of the past that locals included into contemporarily life. Vrtovin is a middle sized village, located north of the main road, which runs through Vipava valley. The territory of Vrtovin is pulled in direction north – south. [_Read more_]