Cave Veternica


The most famous sight of Velika planina is cave Veternica, which consists of Small (si. Mala) and Big (si. Velika) Veternica, and are connected by natural bridge. The caves were formed at the time of convection, while their ceiling collapsed and thus forming two collisions. The peculiarity of the large cave, which is better visited, are cloths of snow, also present in the summer months.

The view on Big Veternica
The view from the cave
The collision in the cave
The snow in Big Veternica
The snow in Small Veternica
The stairs to reach Small Veternica


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Velika planina
Velika planina is high mountain mountain pasture and one of the biggest tourist attractions, due to its natural and cultural heritage. It covers more than 500 typical shepherd’s huts, many pastures, forest, dwarf pine and Karst sinkholes. The highest peak of the mountain pasture is Gradišče [_Read more_]