Paslejdn’ca 2017

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Society Baška heritage
village holiday

Society Baška heritage invites you on Sunday, 26. November 2017 at 14.30 on a traditional village holiday Pasljednca. After holly mass in church of Sv. Lenart and the performance of quintet Vintgar, follows the ceremony at remembrance of hill mother in old dairy.

Last Sunday in church calendar year in Bača pri Podbrdo they celebrate village holiday Paslejdn’ca. Society Baška heritage, together with emigrants, strives that the holiday, from year to year, gets its former lively image. On this day, relatives came to visit, and after the holly mass they got together in the homes of their relatives, those from far away even stayed the night. The village always welcomed them very tidy, from houses the smell of home delights was spreading accross the village.

Also this year they invite visitors into village church of St. Lenart in Bača pri Podbrdo. After holly mass the visitor can listen to the singers of quintet Vintgar from Blejska Dobrava. In today’s cast they sing from the beginning of year 2014. Their first performance was on 22. Februar 2014 on Regional meeting of adult singing choirs and small singing groups.

They will also perform at remembrance of hill mother at old dairy, which was erected by Society Baška heritage on 16. september 2012. As painting from sand, it was depicted by painter Stanka Golob. She depicted a women – mother, who with indispensable basket on her back goes to work. With its message and nobleness she symbolizes all hill mothers, who with inhumane travail on steep fields and even more steep walked for hours to work, love and hate, but preserved many homestead and her kinship until today. Their stories are written in verses of home folks song of poet Marjče Volf on the plaque: “… double cargo they carried, on their backs basket, under the heart life’s call …”

Društvo Baška dediščina,
Cveto Zgaga, gsm 041 259 139,