Travel-Slovenia new look

Web tourist portal Travel-Slovenia | Ultimate travel guide to Slovenia enters new year 2018 with new look, as well as with fresh boost. In last year we worked on new visual image to fully represent Slovenia and its wonders.

Logo contains the name of page, motto of page and the symbol of Slovenian country – Triglav. As additional, the web link can be added below the name. For name Travel-Slovenia we used green color, as we wanted to show, that our country has many green surfaces, as well as lowlands (mostly in part of Prekmurje and Lower Carniola and in Central Slovenia – Ljubljana basin). Three curved lines, symmetrically aligned, represent the symbol of Slovenia, the highest mountain Triglav. The lines are diagonally placed, as they represent the ascent or rising towards the sky. At the same time it symbolizes the mountain part of Slovenia (part of Upper Carniola and Carinthia). The blue color is used, which represent the mountains and the sky, at the same time blue color was used in motto of portal (Ultimate travel guide to Slovenia), which represents blueness of the sea (part of Primorska) and the beauty of Slovenian rivers. Typography was choosen as in general represents diversity of Slovenian landscape, which does not appear in any other country.

In the frame of visual image we made logo, calendar, web banners, id card, graphics for T-shirt, flyer, transparent and other graphical images. Some you can see below. We also accept orders for T-shirt, for more informations write us on
Ultimate travel guide to Slovenia