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Travel-Slovenia in cooperation with Dragon Lines is organizing online (virtual) guided tours LIVE to discover Ljubljana, Kamnik, Bled, Škofja loka, and other places of your choosing. You will be taken on a tour Live with professional tourist guide Dragan, who has many years of experience. In time together you will get to know many interesting things about the place, you will also be able to ask questions. Walkthrough present, future, and history. Tours in Ljubljana will be enriched with the TaleUp application, which will show you Ljubljana in a different light.

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    Ljubljana, even though the city is the capital of Slovenia, is not a big city, but it has much to show. Three bridges, Prešeren square, Butcher and Dragon bridge, cathedral and magistrate – each of them full of interesting stories.
    Our biggest architect Jože Plečnik created plans for many wonderful masterpieces that can be seen live: Three bridges, arcades next to Ljubljanica, Trnovo bridge over Gradaščica, National university library NUL, Vegova street, Congress square, Žale, and many other interesting places. Come with us along the Jože Plečnik path and get to know Ljubljana in a way he imagined it.
    More than two thousand years ago, Romans colonized the area, where today Ljubljana lies. The remains of this incredibaly developed culture can be seen still today. Meet the inhabitants of former Emona, who developed in this area, walk into the past and meet their life.




It is the first and among the most beautiful pearls of Slovenia. Did you know that the Bled islet with the church is among the international symbols for tourism? Eiffel tower, Coloseum, London bridge, and Bled islet are among the most commonly appeared on photographs that we see hanging in tourist agencies, and attract tourists to go on a journey with them. Even China promotes (their) destinations with the image of Bled islet, that big of landmark it has become.

But the magic of Bled is not only in islet with the church of the Assumption of Mary. Next to the lake is also a mystical castle, which reigns high above the lake, as it would be guarding the pearl in the middle of the lake – islet.

However, you can experience Bled in so many ways, as here we can found incredible interesting locations. Set on a journey with us and experience Bled in all its glory.



A warm small city in northern Slovenia, which was for the first time mentioned in the year 1061. In the Middle Ages, there was money mint, when the city was, next to Ljubljana, the most influential provincial city.

Nice walk over Šutna towards Small castle and forward to the royal train station will enchant us with its hint of past. In this small city, a general Rudolf Meister was born, and Plečnik created here one of his most beautiful creations – the chapel of the holy sepulchre.



The city is one of the oldest medieval cities in our territory. It was for the first time mentioned in the year 973 with the name Lonca.

The most interesting thing about Škofja loka’s coat of arms is negro, who is linked with a legend about Freising landlord Abraham, who was attacked by a bear on the way to Poljane valley. Abraham’s subject, of African descent, killed the bear. In thanks, because he saved his life, Abraham inserted his image into the city’s coat of arms. On our path, we will hear this and other stories about the city, so get on the road with us as soon as possible.



Birth place of probably most famous Slovenian, Melanie Trump. During the tour of this Lower Carniola city we will see the hospital, where she was born, apartment building, where she spent her first years of life and the house her family later bought. On the way we will see beautiful medieval castle, which proudly stands above the city and river.



A small city on the western part of Slovenia, next to the Italian border, marked with wars, especially by First World War, which left a huge mark and can be still today seen in this places. Many celebrities are connected with the city, and the city was visited by many statesmen. But, the beauty of the city shows in all its might slightly to the side, next to the river Soča and the most beautiful waterfall in Slovenia – Kozjak.



A mystical place with a mystical church, surrounded by mighty mountains. Mysterious, a seemingly hard-to-reach place, wherein the middle of the Great War, Austrian erected the church of Holy Spirit, dedicated to the fallen soldiers. Paradise on Earth with the heart of human suffering.