Mountain hound

His newer name is Mountain hound and older Koroški žigec (Carinthia žigec). It used to be the most widely spread hound in Slovenia. It is well suited for hunting rabbits and foxes. Dog has a characteristic black color, with gloss. Color of his chest and paws is rusty or burnt brown. Patches above his eyebrows are also brown, his “second eye” gives him especially cute look.

Mountain hound in nature
Mountain hound in nature

The breed of this hound was registered in year 1939 in Ljubljana, but at that time under the name “Yugoslavian brak”. In the era of Serbian dictatorship, which proclaimed a unified Yugoslav nation, all breeds had to be only Yugoslavian.

After WWII the number of hound dogs in Slovenia started to decline. It was increasing in the southern republics, especially in Serbia. This, gradually, led to a dispute between Slovenian and Yugoslav (Serbian) Kennel club, which started to appropriate it as “Serbian” breed. In year 1997, at the session of the International kennel club (FIC) agreemenent was reached. Slovenia was recognized as the country of origin of this breed, and Yugoslavia (Serbia) as its protectorate.

In Austria is fairly widespread hound, much alike Mountain hound, Austrian Brandlbracke. Due to ignorance or wrong knowledges, Slovenian breed is most often itersected. Since Austria is younger than Koroška (Karantanija), we can conclude that Korokški žigec is older and Austrian hounds are derived from it.

Tiroler Brake, Swiss Jura-laufhund and few other breeds of dogs are alot similar to Koroški žigec. From comperison of these breed we can conclude, that they once had a common ancestor. That was the Alpine hound dog, if we can call it like that. The existence of breed coincides with the Roman period, if it is not even older.

Due to low number of litters in Slovenia, the breed of Mountain hound is today in serious danger to gradually disappear.