The church of St. Nicholas, Slivnica


Church St. Nicholas

The church of St. Nicholas is located on the half way, when ascending on elevation Slivnica. It was built in the late 15th century, the orientation of the church is east-west and it has a gothic design and a belfry. Under the church there is a small spring of Saint Nicholas. According to folk tradition the church was built because a landslide or a snow slide buried several people. During a drought pilgrims asked for rain and their prayers were answered.

The window of the church

The church was mentioned in the census of Carniola church valuable from 1526. The small bell was dated ¸641, but was damaged in the late 19th century. Valvasor wrote in The Glory of the Duchy of Carniola (si. Slava vojvodine Kranjske) that near the church there was a forest from which wood cannot be taken. Under the rule of Joseph II. the church was closed in 1789, but was reopened after a few year on request of the parishioners. At the end of the 19th century the church was badly damaged that the district board of Logatec ordered it had to be demolished, but nobody did that. Priest Franc Lakmayer raised the money, so the church was renovated in 1897. During the WWII several Italian grenades damaged the church.

Franc Anton Steinberg marked the church of Saint Nicholas on the map of Lake Cerknica, which was published in the book Gründliche Nachricthen von dem in dem Inner-Crain gelegenen Czirknitzer-See in 1758
The Gruber brothers marked the church of Saint Nicholas on the map of Lake Cerknica, which was published in the book Briefe hydrographischen and physikalischen Inhalts aus Krain from the year 1781


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Slivnica (named also the mountain of witches) is 1114 meters high; it is located north of the Cerknica field and east of the lake Cerknica above the settlement Cerknica. Rounded ridge rises from Gradišče, with altitude 858 meters, towards the highest peak Velika Slivnica. [_Read more_]