Stari trg ob Kolpi


Main street – market in village Stari trg

Stari trg ob Kolpi is a settlement in the south of Slovenia, close to the Croatian border. The average altitude of the settlement is 375 meters. It was formed on the flat pier that rises steeply above the valley of Kolpa. On the northern side it is connected to the village Močile. The name Stari trg (en. Old market) originates from the times of the Turkish incursions, at that time it was eleveted to the market, at the same time it is the biggest place in Poljane valley. In year 2006 the settlement won the European reward as village with most flowers. With settlement Stari trg a Landscape park Kolpa begins, it covers 6.500 hectares of area next to Kolpa river up to Fučkovci.

Main street – market in village Stari trg

Historical sources state that this place was already populated in prehistory, even today Roman graves are preserved. The settlement has always been commercially and defensively important, due to its location. In the year 1221 Stari trg becomes the seat of great-parish, under the name Poljane it was mentioned already in year 1421. On May 10th 1248 they established a parish, in year 1632 the church of St. Joseph was dedicated. A local holiday is celebrated on June 1st as a commemoration of the attack of partisan unit on the fortified Italian outpost in year 1942. In attack participated all Slovenian partisan troops from Bela Krajina and Kočevje with Croatian unit NLPD (National Liberation Partisan Detachment). In total 17 people fell on both sides and 18 were injured.

Stone portals on one of the houses

At the end of the village is a medieval church of St. Joseph, which was thoroughly renovated in time of Baroque. An interesting fact of the church is the renovated clock with the old classical weight mechanism. Throughout the village along the wide central street – market are single-story houses, which are interesting because of the stone portals on some of them. School here started with operation in year 1820.

Somewhat outside the settlement, along the road Stari vrh – Deskova vas (en. Deskova village), the church of St. Andrew on Kalvarija is located. 12 chapels lead to the church, the station of the Cross, which were erected in year 2000. 4 chapels are located on the church of St. Andrew itself, the author is academic sculptor Denis Krašovič. Originally, 14 chapels stood along the path, but they were demolished during WWII.


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Sprout Stari trg – Močile sprout
Sprout Stari trg – Močile sprout is located near the village Stari trg and east of the village Močile, on the road in direction Stari trg – Črnomelj and is part of Landscape park Kolpa. If you are traveling in direction of Stari trg, it is located 200 meters in front of the village where you turn right. [_Read more_]