Sprout Stari trg – Močile sprout


Sprout Stari trg – Močile sprout is located near the village Stari trg and east of the village Močile, on the road in direction Stari trg – Črnomelj and is part of Landscape park Kolpa. If you are traveling in direction of Stari trg, it is located 200 meters in front of the village where you turn right onto a macadam road. You can park your car next to the benches and walk to the sprout. Sprout was renovated by the locals of Poljane valley in year 2007/2008, as after the decline of livestock breeding, it was filled with mud, waste material and was overgrown with shrubs. Today it is a nice spot where a traveler can enjoy in fresh air and fill his batteries for further travel. Sprout was once used to imbibe the livestock. It is a protected area as it is an important habitat for many animal and plant species.

Information board for Močile – sprout

Sprout Stari trg – Močile sprout

The water level changes throughout the year. It increases with heavy rain. During the summer, however, it can decline significantly, since sprout is only filled with above groundwater sources. Next to the sprout stands mighty linden tree, with perimeter of 166 centimeters and height of 16 meters – the measurement was made in year 2010. The tree is protected as a natural monument. Visitors can walk around the sprout. In sprout, there are fishes and various aquatic plants. Sprout is being maintained by the locals.

Sprout Stari trg – Močile sprout

Bench at sprout


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