Soča trail


Soča spring

Soča trail is natural didactic path, which takes us from Soča spring to Bovec (you can also take the opposite direction from Bovec to the spring). It connects peaceful and mysterious parts of the valleys of Soča and Trenta. Along the trail are intriguing footbridges, from which a beautiful view on the river Soča opens. The walk on Soča trail offers beautiful and adventurous learning about Triglav national park.

Soča trail is part of Alpe Adria trail, which is attractive hiking trail of three lands – Austria, Slovenia and Italy. It starts at glacier Pastirice under Veliki Klek and it ends at the Adriatic coast. It takes us past the Carinthian lakes, through the valley of Soča into wine-growing Brda and further to the Karst and the sea, which it reaches at Milje in Trieste. The entire trail is around 640 kilometers long and is divided in 37 hiking stages. For many, Soča trail represents the most beautiful part of Alpe Adria Trail.

River Soča

Soča trail is 25 kilometers long and runs on undemanding terrain.  Arranged trails are situated outside of the roads and circumvent the natural, cultural and historical attractions of Triglav national park. The trail is equipped with information boards, through which we can learn many new things. Informational pillars of park are used as signposts. Time of walk can be adapted to your capabilities, duration and purpose of the visit. It is the oldest trail in park, divided on two rounded stages. First part goes from Soča spring to the village Log in Trenta, this part was arranged first. Second part was prepared a few years later. Due to sightseeing, the hike can last longer than anticipated. Anticipated time of walk is from 7-8 hous, it is a medium difficulty trail. Despite the fact there are no major ascends, we must be well prepared.

To all, who will decide to visit and walk through entire trail, we wish an unforgettable experience and as rich experience as possible. At the same time we must not forget, here we are only guests, so let the nature be as you found it. Take all of your wastes back with you and leave them in a suitable place.

Soča river below its spring
Big troughs of the Soča river
Greenery along Soča river
The view on mountains from Kugy’s monument
Meadow along the trail
Part of Soča river
Autochthonous house in Trenta valley
Trees along Soča trail
Soča trail sign, which we follow along the trail
Arrows of Soča trail and walk of peace sign
Soča trail inscription and sigh for Alpe Adria trail


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Walk along Soča trail
Travel-Slovenia went to go hiking along Soča trail, the trip was self-organised and the plan was to walk from Bovec to the Soča spring. The walk takes around 8-9 hours to complete the trail, but if you take time to look the sights along the trail, it will take you more time. Full report of our hike along Soča river. [_Read more_]