Slivnica (named also the mountain of witches) is 1114 meters high; it is located north of the Cerknica field and east of the lake Cerknica above the settlement Cerknica. Rounded ridge rises from Gradišče, with altitude 858 meters, towards the highest peak Velika Slivnica. The peak of the mountain is overgrown with forest, at the same time, there are transmitters, which makes the view to the surroundings quite limited. On the top, there is also registration box.

South and south-west slope is undistorted and partly grown with leafy and coniferous forests. The elevation has some meadows and pastures, which are shrinking due to frequent afforestation and overgrowth. In a good weather, despite limited view, the elevation offers the view on lake Cerknica, Inner Carniola lower-lying territory and surrounding plateaus. At the foot of Slivnica there are several Karst springs.

Carniola lily (lat. Lilium caniolicum)

Below the top of Slivnica is a mountain lodge, elevation is also attractive point for hang-gliders and paragliders. In the month of June, Carniola lily (lat. Lilium caniolicum) blooms in this region.

As an interesting information, in the valley of Cerkniščica, on northern slope of Slivnica, they used to dig the quartz and drove it into the gourmet on Javorniki. On the way, up or down, you can meet a bear. Archeological finds from Gradišče show, that people populated Slivnica already in prehistory and antiquity.


A witch cave is located under the top of Slivnica, which was already described by Valvasor, from which warm and moist air rises out in winter. The moisture then condenses into the fog, and this is exactly what helped to create the stories about witches dwelling on Slivnica. In many stories, it is mentioned as meeting place of witches, which were accused of storm formation, hail, that they are stealing milk from the cows, that with their spells they are making diseases and damage, that they are changing into animals, fly on brooms and have relations with devil. In book Cerknica lake from year 1898, by author Jožef Žirovnik, was about Slivnica and witches written:

»People from there can tell many wonderful things about Slivnica. That it is kind by its appearance, but she is full of malice and wickedness. At the time of the nearby storm, it folds its self in a dense fog. From deep cave, which is on the highest peak, soon starts to come out – according to the old folk opinion – hail, storm and lightning. Even 220 years ago, priests from Cerknica walked here to bless the mentioned cave in order to break a dark hour. A great procession was moving towards the cave every year on Whit Monday. When the priest finished with his prayer, smoked and sprinkle the cave with blessed water, people put up maypoles with a cross on the top. Some even throw gifts inside the cave to comfort the evil powers. Sometimes they wanted to fill this cave with a big rock and close the way for hail and storm, so they could not get out. To this purpose, they moved rocky plate and rolled it towards cave, which runs away and rolls jumping into the valley, where it almost knocks down the house of sexton in Martinjak.

The view from the top
The view from the top pass transmitter

The cause of all these disasters were the witches, who lived in this cave. Faith in witches has been widespread in the past centuries, especially around the lake. The people suspected that they live in holes and caves. When there was a storm coming, small church bell in bell tower rang, with which they repelled the witches and hail. «




Route1 From Radlek Easy marked path 1 h 20 min
Route2 From Brezje Easy marked path 2 h 15 min
Route3 From Grahovo Easy marked path 1 h 15 min
Route4 From Martinjak Easy marked path 1 h 15 min
Route5 From Cerknica Easy marked path 1 h 40 min


Jan 16, 2019 – Wed

Cerknica, SI
Day Cond. Temp. Wind Humidity PressurePres.
Sre jan 16
light rain
10/5°C 3 m/s, WSW 68% 710.96 mmHg
Čet jan 17
heavy intensity rain
5/5°C 3 m/s, SW 95% 707.13 mmHg
Pet jan 18
0/-4°C 3 m/s, NE 83% 708.89 mmHg
Sob jan 19
light snow
-3/-6°C 1 m/s, ENE 73% 710.2 mmHg
Ned jan 20
sky is clear
-0/-9°C 1 m/s, ENE 717.59 mmHg


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The church of St. Nicholas
The church of St. Nicholas is located on the half way, when ascending on elevation Slivnica. It was built in the late 15th century, the orientation of the church is east-west and it has a gothic design and a belfry. Under the church there is a small spring of Saint Nicholas. [_Read more_]