Nature didactic route along Hubelj

Nature didactic route at Hubelj teaches about the basic natural laws, it presents the main tree and shrub species that grow in this environment. It’s purpose is also to inform the visitors about the river Hubelj and Karstic meadow at Škol. In a circular route are 24 learning points and two large information boards. The route is about 3 kilometers long and runs from spring Hubelj to Ajdovščina.


The trail begins at altitude of 125 meters in Pale Sport park in Ajdovščina. At the begining are presented wild cherry and black poplar. Followed by the cross-section of the forest soils, black alder and details about river Hubelj. The sixth point introduces visitors with flistic gound, followed by trees as hornbeam, oak graden, chestnut, black locust, polish elm and hedge maple.

Hubelj at the spring, next to didactic route
Hubelj at the spring, next to didactic route

Hereinafter are, for this environment, seen very characteristic breccia, represented is sink Hubelj, which is torrential type and at fifteenth point Hubelj spring, which lies at altitude of 225 meters.

Through Gradiška woods, the trail descends and along the way is hunter’s stance. A further way least past black pine, past viewpoint towards Karstic meadow, where limestone is visible and also another cross-section of forest soil, we continue through protective forest in which grows hornbeam or little autumn and a littleleaf linden.

The whole route is equipped with few benches, where life in nature can be observed. From previous mentioned viewpoint it is seen a good part of Vipava valley and wine embankment towards Karstic plateau.

In the area around Hubelj is the rich bio-diversity of the animal world. Here nests about 30 different species of birds. We also find polish hare, hedgehog, fox and deeer. In torrent are numerous fish, as Soča trout, coastal marten, Laško lamprey, various kinds of stoneflies and also small crustaceans.

Area of steep walls with Hubelj springs is listed in the natural heritage with status of a natural monument.


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travel-slovenia-map-of-didactic-route-hubelj-viewMap of nature didactic route along Hubelj
On the map, you can see 3 kilometers long Hubelj nature didactic path with all its 24 learning points and two large information boards, presenting the main tree and shrub species. To view the map in full size, just click on the image on the left or on the link to open it in another window. [_See the map_]

Hubelj is a river (according to some sources it is a stream), during rainy times mountain torrent, which flows along the border between cadastral municipalities Lokavec and Šturje. It originates from three karstic springs (waterfalls) at the foot of the hill Navrše. [_Read more_]

Ajdovščina is a city in the central part of Vipava valley, at the confluence of the stream Hubelj and Lokavšček, on the contact of Ajdovščina field and flysch slope below Gora (Sinji peak, 1002 meters). The city lies along the main road, which through Ljubljana connects central Europe with northern Italy. [_Read more_]