Napoleon bridge over river Nadiža


Napoleon bridge over river Nadiža is a stone stepped bridge over the sinks of river Nadiža near the villages of Podbela and Logje, in the far west of Slovenia. It shows the importance of the region from Roman times onwards. The ancient bridge builders knew that Nadiža can not be crossed at places where it is the easiest that is why the bridge rises over the rocks above river bed. The bridge used to form part of the ancient route from Pradol and Robidišče along the Nadiža river. According to folk memory the current bridge was constructed by a builder from the village of Čenebola in western Venetian Slovenia. Traditional tales say that the bridge was built in 1812 and bears the name of Napoleon, as it was built in the time of his conquests. From the bridge one can enjoy a beautiful view over the green river Nadiža with numerous gravel pits and pools. Below the bridge there is a pool, where one can enjoy a fresh cool water, especially in the summer months.

Due to rarity and uniqueness of the construction, it is indispensable architectural monument and a bond with the past. The bridge was in year 1990 declared as a cultural monument of local importance of Slovenia.

Napoleonov bridge from above
Napoleon bridge from above
Napoleon bridte from below
Napoleon bridge from below


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