Memorial plaque to partisan doctor Edvard Pohar in Prtovč


Memorial plaque was in Prtovč set up by Community of the fighters of Upper Carniola partisan detachments and units on July 4th 2009. It is black square plaque, which stands on the NLS memorial, above the listed names of fallen. Memorial plaque was set to partisan doctor Edvard Pohar, who together with locals of Prtovč started partisan hospital Ratitovec.

Memorial to the fallen
The names of the fallen and memorial plaque

After the establishment of courier station G-1 on July 1943 in Laze of Podlonek, a large hospital was set up for needs of the Upper Carniola partisans with provision by headquarters of Upper Carniola region. Because of that they erected the memorial plaque on a NLS memorial. On relief below the plaque, they depicted Edvard, when in October 1943, he amputed the leg of Marjan Trojar from Trata pri Škofja Loka without any appropriate medical devices. The hospital was attacked several times by German soldatics and in the end destroyed it.

Inscription on the panel:

»Partisan hospital ”Ratitovec” was in year 1943 in cooperation with the locals of Prtovč set up by Edvard Pohar, doctor, who was in charge of health during NLS in units of Upper Carniola partizans detachments and units.«




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Prtovč is small mountain village in Upper Carniola, located west of Železniki, with altitude 1008.1 meters and in total with 20 inhabitants. The village stands on a grassy ridge with a view on Kamnik-Savinja Alps and part of Škofja loka-Cerklje hills. Acording to old sources village was also named Prtovič. [_Read more_]