Kneža is a small settlement in municipality Tolmin, which covers the hamlets Loje and Kneške ravne. Kneža is located at efflux of the same name creek into Bača. At the end of the 19th century, it changed from the rural settlement into the employment and provision center of the lower part of Baška grapa valley. In the center of the village is a church of St. George and Liščarski bridge.



Kneža was attested in written sources in year 1377 as villa de Chinessa, and the corresponding hydronym (today known as Knežica creek) was attested as Knesaha in year 891. The name is derived from *Kъnędz′a (vьsь/voda/rěka) ‘prince’s (village/creek/river)’, which indicates that the territory was owned by a prince.


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Church of St. George
The church of St. George stands at the crossroads of the roads leading from Grahovo towards Most na Soči and from Kneža along the Kneža creek towards Kneške Ravne on the western edge of the village. It is a subsidiary church of the diocese church Mary of the Assumption in Podmelec. [_Read more_]