Heart path on Golovec


Part of the path on Golovec

Heart path on Golovec takes us on the paths of Golovec, it is marked with logos of Society for health of the heart and vascular system of Slovenia. The path was officially opened on May 26th 2007. The path starts at Rakovnik, next to the football ground Krim. It takes us pass two ponds into the hill above the church of Rakovnik. Here opens a beautiful view on the mountain chain of Krim, Mokrc and Ljubljana Marsh. Path takes us further pass the observatory on the other side of Golovec towards Štepanja village. To walk the trail from beginning to the end you will need around 2 hours, if you want to expand your walk return on the path to the starting point.

Route of Hearth path leads on the former trim trail on Golovec, but today only sign board at Dolenjska cesta (en. Lower Carniola street) remains or maybe yet some green-white blaze, which has not yet faded. You can take a walk on the path any time you want or can. Golovec offers also other numerous possibilities for walk and recreation.

Among most important preventive measures for maintaining health of our heart and vascular system is certainly motion, especially in nature. Wherefore the Hearth path was established, to encourage people to move. Day activity or training should last at least half an hour, we also add 15 minutes for warm up and calming at the end of activity.


– hearth is tireless pump, which day and night, from birth till death continuously maintains circulation of the blood in the body
– in one day hearth shrinks at least 100.000 times
– in stationary it pumps from 5 to 7 litres of blood in minute
– in one day this equals one tank, around 7.000 – 9.000 litres
– when we reach the age of 65, the heart pumps a half of Bohinj lake


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Map of Hearth path
On the map is marked the path that takes us from FC Krim towards Blažev hump, through hill Golovec. The path starts at Rakovnik, next to the football ground Krim. To view the map in full size, just click on the image on the left or on the link to open it in another window. [_See the map_]

Golovec is a tree-covered hill, southeast from the city centre of Ljubljana with the highest peak Mazovnik (450 meters). It represents a continuation of Šišenski hill (Rožnik) and Grajski hump. It is an integral part of Posavje hill. Golovec consist mostly of Paleozoic clay, sandstone and marl. [_Read more_]