Green path with a story


Green path with a story (si. Zelena pot z zgodbo) from Podgorje to castle Vodriž or Wiederdries is a school didactic path, which was created by primary school Podgorje pri Slovenj Gradcu in the year 2016. It is a circular path, along the path we can challenge ourselves in mathematical, natural-scientific and literary tasks, presented on informational boards along the path. The path enables numerous activities, like sport and natural-scientific days. We take a walk in the embrace of nature in forests, on meadows, on forest roads, past farms, and ponds, at the same time it offers a beautiful view towards Pohorje and Uršlja gora. You can enjoy the wind, sound of nature, and sounds of forest animals.

The path begins at primary school Podgorje pri Slovenj Gradcu and it leads us towards the remains of grad Vodriž (Widerdries). The entire path is 9.3 kilometers long and takes around 4 hours to finish. Shorter path, the first part of the path, is 5.9 kilometers long and it takes around 2.5 hours to finish. The path is not demanding and is suitable for all age groups. The path was officially opened on June 17th, 2016, the ceremonial opening ribbon was cut by the principle of the school and mayor Andrej Čas. After the ceremony follows first, opening, hike along the path. The path connects didactic points from fairy tale That castle stands there (si. Tisti grad tam stoji), it is special because of the tasks along the path. Tasks are arranged on 13 informational boards. In front of the school, on the first point, stands first board with the map and marked path.


Directional board of Green path with a story
One of the informational boards

Across the meadow
Pond below castle or castle pond

Castle Vodriž (Wiederdries)
Forest road


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Castle Vodriž
Castle Vodriž, German Wiederdries, is a family castle built in Gothic style. Its remains are located at settlement Vodriž in city municipality Slovenj Gradec. Castle was erected by Aquileian feuds, knights Hebenstreit, around the year 1300. Today’s remains are still very good preserved. [_Read more_]

Kokolej chapel
Kokolej chapel is located next to the forest path towards the remains of castle Vodriž, south from Kokolej peak (si. Kokolej vrh). It was erected slightly above the path, inside of it is a cross. It is a chapel of closed type from the second half of the 19th century. It has smooth facade elements. [_Read more_]

District cyclostyle technique Kajuh
The technique Kajuh got its name after fallen poet Karel Destovnik Kajuh. It was a successor of partisan technique Skovik, from June 1944 it worked in Škale Cirkovci. It served until March 28th, 1945, and on that day the group of members of occupying armed forces accidentally discovered the house. [_Read more_]

Podgorje pri Slovenj Gradcu
Podgorje is a smaller settlement in city municipality Slovenj Gradec, which is mostly agricultural and in last years hop oriented. To settlement, which locals also call Podgorca, also included the surrounding hamlets and farms. Through the settlement flows river Suhodolca. [_Read more_]