Church of St. Anne, Grahovo ob Bači


Church of St. Anne

Parish church of St. Anne is located on the northern part of settlement Grahovo ob Bači, below the village main road and belongs to Diocese Koper. It is a Baroque church with a triangular presbytery and a wider and higher nave with a rectangular floor plan, where on the west side is a shed. Church bell stands on the southern wall of the presbytery. On the vault of the presbytery are frescos from Zoran Mušič and Avgust Černigoj from the year 1942. The church is dated to the last quarter of the 15th century, into the 18th century, third quarter of the 19th century (1875) and second quarter of the 20th century (1942).


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Grahovo ob Bači
Grahovo ob Bači is a nucleated settlement on the south-western slope of Kotel above river Bača. Settlement covers hamlets Brdo, Ravnce, Na Koncu, Postaja, Spodnje Bukovo. The settlement has approximate 200 inhabitants. Grahovo was for the first time mentioned in the year 1377. [_Read more_]