At the beginning of the village Čezsoča

Čezsoča is a smaller settlement in municipality Bovec in the immediate vicinity of the river Soča, on southern part of Bovec basin, under the slopes of Polovnik. Name of the village is assembled from prepositional phrase over Soča, if we look from Bovec the village is located beyond Soča, on the left bank of the river. It is divided into three parts – Dolenji, Srednji and Gorenji end (en. Down, Middle and Upper end).  The village was in old documents from year 1306 and 1338 mentioned as ultra Isontium and Villa de Vltra Lisoncij (1377). In written records it was first time mentioned in year 1540.

Main square of the village

In the village we see preserved Čezsoča houses with characteristic stone entry stairs, open corridor, kitchen with high fireplace and space for caldron, room with wide double bed, special back entry, where also is a toilet and other. In Bovec area Čezsoča was the only village with special deep wells, named “šterna”. From here they raised water with a help of a bucket. In the center of the village is relief of WWI. In time of war Čezsoča was completely destroyed, but Italians rebuilt it. In the vicinity of the village are hamlets Vodenca, at the confluence of river Soča and Koritnica, and Jablenca.


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