Impressions from 25. hike on Jurčič path

Final point in Muljava

On Saturday, 3.3.2018, Travel-Slovenia went on an organized hike along the Jurčič path. We started in Višnja Gora, in the beginning, we were warmly welcomed, and at the same time, the visitors could buy souvenirs of Višnja Gora. The price for the hike was only 3 eur, which included bus transport back to the starting point, so from Muljava to Višnja Gora.

Our hike started with a slightly steep ascent through snow, this ascent made sure we got warmed up. After this short ascent, we arrive to clean asphalt road. The first station was in Pristava, where we could refresh ourselves with free snacks and warm tea. From here, we continued along the forest. The path was slightly snowy but cleaned as much as possible. Only on some parts, which were inaccessible, we had to sweep a little with snow.

Next station was in Zavrtače, where we god our second stamp. Here we refreshed our self again with warm tea and blueberry liqueur. There was also some snack for the hungry. The path continues towards the ski slope Polževo, which was the first bigger stop, where firefighters and staff of hotel Polževo took care of the visitors. To get more energy we had something to eat and a warm tea.

After a short break, we continue on a little steeper ascent, through the ski slope. On top of Polževo, we could see the church of St. Ghost. We continue towards Male Vrhe, where another little station awaits us, where visitors had a little rest, drink some warm tea or something else.

Now we already walked the most of the path, in front of us is approximately a quarter of the whole path. Little descent awaits us here and paths goes towards Kravjek, at the church St. Janez Krstnik we reach another station, for which local firefighters took care. It was also possible to see the inside of the church, as it was opened on this day. We continue the path toward Oslica, along with the path there were some more stations, and soon we reached the finish of the hike in Muljava. Here we get our final stamp, to confirm our arrival.

The entire hike was well organized, as with help of locals they took care of all visitors along the path. On the bigger resting places, we could also see medical personnel, if a visitor would need help. At the finish, we could eat some local food, drink something, and buy local products. They also organized a programme, with a speech of the mayor of Višnja Gora. In addition, other info about Jurčič were available, sightseeing of a small house and music.

Not far away from the finish, the bus awaited us, which took us back to Višnja Gora, and with that, we finished our hike. We walked 12 kilometres; saw many interesting things, many visitors and smiling locals. The hike was indeed worth of visit, at the same time it offers additional information for all, who want to know more.