Golovec – Route 3 – From London

Altitude of the location: 450 m
Altitude of starting point: 310 m
Altitude difference: 140 m

Time of walking: 35 min
Difficulty: Easy marked and unmarked path
Equipment: Normal hiking equipment.
Expediency of visit: All seasons

From Ljubljana bypass road we take exit LJ-Rudnik, at the croassroads we turn right and drive along the Dolenjska cesta, past Semenarna Ljubljana and Lidl. On the right side we trace Chineese restaurant, next to it stand a sign of the Path of Remembrence and Comradship, which leads us to the right uphill. When we come to the dirt road, we park at the roadside parking.

From here we continue along the dirt road, which takes us to the left bend, where we see the mark for the Path of Remembrence and Comradship. They take us on the rising path on the right, we follow this path all the way to Črni vrh. From here we descend and after a while we come to the unmarked intersection. Leave the path of Remembrance and Comradship and continue right along the path, where we see the indication. After a few meters we come to another intersection, continue left and start to climb and thus we reach Mazovnik.