Dedno polje – Route 1 – Through mountain pasture Blato

Altitude of the location: 1560 m
Altitude of starting point: 1147 m
Altitude difference: 413 m

Time of walking: 1h 30 min
Difficulty: easy marked path
Equipment: Normal hiking equipment. In winter use crampons.
Expediency of visit: All seasons


From Ljubljana we head towards Jesenice – Lesce – Bled – Bohinjska Bistrica. From here we continue towards Bohinj lake, Ribčev laz precisely, where we come to a crossroads. Turn right towards Stara Fužina, here at the crossroads there is a chapel at which turn left in the direction of mountain pasture Blato (mountain pasture Vogar and valley Voje). We continue along the road to the next crossroads (passing the place with paytoll), turn left (Voje) and continue to the crossroads. At the crossroads turn right towards mountain pasture Blato. After a while we arrive to the parking lot located in front of the mountain pasture Blato.

From the parking lot we head a little back, where we soon step on the steep dirt track that will take us in direction of the mountain pasture at Jezero. After a climb we get to the marked intersection and continue left. To the path later joins marked path from mountain pasture Vogar. Wide, rocky and twisty path leads us further over the steep slopes. After a while the path turns left and we arrive to the valley Pungrat, through the abandoned fence for grazing. The path starts to climb, but later becomes gradual. Pretty soon, to the path from left joins path, which leads from the mountain pasture Vodični vrh. Here we continue straight and after a few minutes we arrive to the mountain pasture at Jezero with a hut in the middle. From the hut the path leads us left to the marked intersection, turn right in the direction of mountain pasture Dedno polje. Continue along the path, which leads us also through a pine forest and soon we see mountain pasture Dedno polje. Only few minutes separates’ us from reaching our location.