70. years of movie On their land

The scene from the movie

Grahovo ob Bači – Koritnica, 17. 5. 2018
Recording a new documentary film by RTV Slovenia, director Slavko Hren

From Monday, 14.5.2018, until Wednesday, 16.5.2018, in Grahovo ob Bači and Koritnica Society Baška grapa heritage hosted RTV Slovenia recording team with director Slavko Hren. Three-day gathering from morning until evening brought a new experience and re-raised memories on recording of first Slovenian feature movie On their land.

Director Slavko Hren, after his arrival from Baška grapa back to Ljubljana, sends his thanks:

The crew returned to Ljubljana, everything planed was recorded, as well Mrs. Kofol, Mr. Munih from Most na Soči, even a mayor came by. I am very happy, that with your help, DBD, and the help of all the locals, despite rain, we manage to record everything planned, even more, we caught many emotions, pride, respectful modesty …

It can not be described with words, how grateful we are for all the help. Now I am even more scared, that I won’t disappoint all of you with my final product, movie. Hard work awaits. Thanks to all, who were present in any way. You really are magnificent, you’ve enriched me and confirmed, that all in this Slovenian territory is not messed up, as it seems. Be safe, and please take my gratitude to all in grapa. Greetings. Slavko Hren.

We are hardly expecting a new documentary for 70th anniversary of the move On their land.

Last year we want to a hike along themed path On their land, to see the immpressions follow the link HERE.