Rolling the city 14 / ZZrolano mesto 14

Event Details

Parade or roller-skating
European week of mobility

The event was moved to a new date, due to heavy rain, new date is sunday, 24. September 2014.

Parade of roller skating, which this year will be organised by Zdrava zabava (en. Healthy fun) for 14th time, is well known event in Styria capital. The event was all this year complimentary, it is rolling (also any other wheels apply) behind the truck, on which DJ spins his music. The roads (route is 11 km long) are fort his purpose temporarily closed for all traffic, what gives the event special charm. The event is also spiced-up with accompanying activities. This years ZZrolano mest or. Rolling the city will be on September 17th with the beginning at 3pm at Trg svobode (en. The square of freedom) in Maribor. The beginning of parade its self will be at 4pm.

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