Traffic regulations in Slovenia

Speed limits for Slovenia, except, if it is with traffic sign otherwise stated.

Drive through settlement with maximal speed 50km/h
Drive on the road outside the settlement with maximal speed 90 km/h
Drive through the tunnel with maximal speed 80 km/h
Drive on speedway (also bypass) with maximal speed 110 km/h
Drive on motorway with maximal speed 130 km/h
Use of car lights is obligatory 24 hours!

Drive lane

Winter equipment
Obligatory since 15. November until 15. March. In case of winter conditions already before the date or after the date.

Vignette is valid only if it is correctly appliqued on the wind shield. It must be appliqued on the inner side of the wind shield, so it is seen from outside. It must be appliqued on visible place, where the wind shield is not darkened.

=> Road class 1 – motorbike (available weekly, half year and yearly vignette)
=> Road class 2A – vehicles up to 3,5 tons of maximum allowed mass and height above front axis up to 1,3 meters (here belong also motorhomes, regarding the height above front axis)
=> Road class 2B – vehicles with height above axis above 1,3 meters

* vignette price *

7 days1 month6 months1 year
class 17,50€30€55€
class 2A15€30€110€
class 2B30€60€220€