TMS collection

The Technical Museum of Slovenia displays ten permanent collections on more than 6000 m2 of exhibition areas. By clicking on the names of exhibits you can read detailed presentations of each section of each collection, which are: printing, agriculture, road vehicles, textiles, electricity, fishing, wildlife and hunting, wood working, forestry, water driving machinery and metalworking.


The main focus of the exhibition is on the presentation of the mechanical workshop from Rožna dolina (Ljubljana). The importance of this mechanical workshop for the Slovenian technical legacy is represented by the activities of three generations of the Kunaver family. [_Read more_]

Technical museum of Slovenia
Technical museum of Slovenia is located in the former Carthusian monastery in Bistra pri Vrhniki, which is only twenty kilometers away from Ljubljana. Besides the sightseeing of museum collections, the visitors can enjoy in rest in a peaceful natural environment. [_Read more_]