Stano Gerželj – Our Vrtovin

Poem Our Vrtovin was written by Stano Gerželj. It is a poem, which tells where the village of Vrtovin occurred and list the names of hamlets that belong to it. That they do not intend to give the village as inhabitants for any money. In a poem also writes that life goes on. New generation is born and in their lap hopes of Vrtovin are being laid.


As the sower would sow them
are the villages sowed
from the road, to Čaven slope
are their names known to us.

Guli, Čebuli, Garželi, Guštini,
Jama in Feuči, Šateji, Subani,
and, if my memory now wanes not,
Lozarji, Krti, Rebki, Črmeli
and even Kocjani, is our Vrtovin.

Vrtovin, you little villages of ours,
we do not give you for all the money,
here is our home and our happiness,
as in the golden temple, the altar is.

Our fields are cultivated,
we are hard-working people,
our life, our dreams,
from day to day, only hope.

Hope, only hope.
With no hope there is no life,
that is what we wish for us,
that we all would be happy.


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Vrtovin belongs among the most elongated counties in Ajdovščina. It is characterised by reminders of the past that locals included into contemporarily life. Vrtovin is a middle sized village, located north of the main road, which runs through Vipava valley. The territory of Vrtovin is pulled in direction north – south. [_Read more_]