Southern railway – section Graz – Celje

Railway station in Celje in year 1846

On June 2nd 1846 starts the railway history of Slovenia, when they officially opened the railway from Graz to Celje. At that time, the train rode for the first time on Slovenian ground. Section Graz – Celje was part of southern railway, connection between Wien and Trieste (Wien – Maribor – Celje – Ljubljana – Sežana – Trieste).

Planning of the southern railway from Wien to Trieste started in year 1837 in Austria, in year 1839 the banker Georg Sina got concession for building the route, but on December 23rd 1841 state issued a court decree that the state will build the railway by itself. Decree anticipated the route Wien – Trieste.

Two possible routes were planned from Graz, the first should go from Graz through Ptuj, towards Poljčane and further to Celje, the second through Maribor to Celje. They decided for the second option, as it represented shorter distance, at the same time the terrain for building was more suitable. Construction work on section Gradec – Celje was led by inspector T. Blumfeld under control of the engineer Carl Ghege. So on June 2nd 1846 on Slovenian ground train drove for the first time from Graz to Celje.

Railway bridge


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