Solkan radicchio

Solkan radicchio or Sukenski regut

Solkan radicchio (also Gorica radicchio or Gorica rose, or in Primorje slang Sukenski regut) is indigenous Slovene species, which originates from Solkan. It grows best and most beautifully in vicinity of Solkan. Botanically it belongs among chicory, domestically it is named radicchio or regatta (original name, in Primorje slang regvat). The seed for it is in Solkan still raised by the locals, they invest into it all of their knowledge and love. In the area of Solkan they grow two species of radicchio: red species or species rose, which goes from vivid red to pink color – in smaller quantity they grow radicchio of yellow shade. Solkan radicchio also stands out due to its shape, as it most resembles to rose. By the touch it resembles to porcelain flowers, which centuries ago decorated candlesticks. Red radicchio is crumbly, it is not bitter and is of great taste. Additionally, the soil affects its taste, the best is the one with absorbant bottom and many rocks, that the plant roots strong.

Solkan radicchio contains the high level of minerals and restorative powers, which are important for health, well-being and strengthening of the immune system in time of winter. It is appropriate for sowing (stimulation of plants to bloom before their normal time) and fresh, very early vegetable. According to the written sources, the selling of radicchio at the Gorica market goes back to seventies of 19. century. It is necessary to expose a special way of radicchio production, as it is based on paling of the plant in the stable, old leaves are decomposed by the heat of manure and farm animals, from the root grows new head, of purple color and snow-white ribs. From planting itself to preparation is a very long road, in that time the plant must have been threatened for nine times before it was put into a wicker basket, from where it went to the market. One can not command radicchio, as it demands its time and appropriate weather conditions.


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