Society for cave exploration Ljubljana

Logo of Society for cave exploration Ljubljana

Society for cave exploration Ljubljana, short DZRJL, was established on May 12th 1910 and is the oldest working speleology society in Slovenia. Main mission of the society throughout all years of working was the research of Kars underworld around entire Slovenia. Already from the establishment, the members of society document their research and are actively involved in protecting the caves. In all this time on different excursions and camps the researched around 3000 caves or third of all known caves in Slovenia.

First speleology society in Slovenia was established in year 1889 in vicinity of Postojna, named Anton, but they suspended the activity five years later. Main initiators to establish the society for research of caves were Viljem Putik and Ivan Andrej Perko. The idea came, because they felt, that in Carniola properly and professional speleology society is missing. They convinced baron Theodor Schwarz, Carniola regional president, to convene on speleology, on which they concluded there is a need to establish Society for the research of underground caves in Ljubljana. This led to the constitutional general assembly on May 12th 1910 in Ljubljana. First president of the society, and in the same time lifetime member, became regional president Theodor Schwarz van Karsten. Josip Mantuani, principal of regional museum, and Henrik Schollmayer-Lichtenberg become vice presidents.

Exploring the cave

Soon after the establishment of society they came to conclusion, that among the committee members of the club are only two members have the knowledge about caves and speleology. At this nuisance the secretary and professor Josip Cerk remembered Bogumil Brinšek and the group of mountaineers and climbers, named Drenovci. The group was invited to participate and soon Drenovci became the soul of the researches. Research work was divided into the sections, Lower Carniola and Kočevje section. Drenovci focused on systematic research of Lower Carniola Karst. Kočevje section was completely German, it worked until first world war. Their archive burned down during the Second World War.

Over time the society was renamed into Society for research of caves of Slovenia, later Speleology society Ljubljana-Matica and at last into Society for cave exploration Ljubljana. Society managed to research two caves with more than five-thousand meters of depth, Vandima and Renejevo brezno (en. Rene abyss). Until today the society researched around 1884 of caves, which is around 20 percent of all the caves on the territory of Slovenia.


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