Sheep and goats

travel-slovenia-bovec-sheep-viewBovec sheep
Bovec sheep has been cultivated in Alps since prehistoric times. With selecting young animals they have been creating different breeds of this specimen, that served different purposes. With time there were three different breeds with focus on milk, fiber and meat respectively. [_Read more_]

travel-slovenia-istriankaIstrian strand or Istrianka
Istrian strand or Istrianka is one of the four Slovenian autochthonous breeds of sheep. It is intended for milk and lamb. The breed was formed in the area of Karst and Istra, where breeders have bred domestic sheep, called Istrianka, Karst sheep, Primorska sheep or even sheep of raw wool. [_Read more_]

travel-slovenia-bela-krajina-strandBela Krajina strand
Bela Krajina strand is one of autochthonous breed of sheep raised for further breeding. It was named after region on southeast of Slovenia. It has been bred on both sides of river Kolpa, especially in mountain and Karst areas of Bela Krajina, where farming conditions are still very bad. [_Read more_]

travel-slovenia-lake-solcava-sheep3Nobled Lake-Solčava sheep
Nobled Lake-Solčava sheep is the only Slovenian traditional breed of sheep, and among all breeds is the most numerous in Slovenia. It has been bred for meat, wool is a side product, which is becoming more appreciated with time. Population size is estimated around 60.000 sheep. [_Read more_]

travel-slovenia-dreznica-goat1Drežnica goat
Drežnica goat is Slovenian autochthonous breed of goat, which is most typical for area around Drežnica. Breed was officially recognized in year 2000. By nature, this goat breed is quite independent and it is hard to keep it in the herd. The largest herds are on mountain pasture called Krasji vrh. [_Read more_]