travel-slovenia-karst-shepherd4Karst shepherd (Kraševec)
Slovenian natural heritage is a dog Karst Shepherd. It is the oldest Slovene indgenous breed of dogs, which was internationally recognized in year 1939. At that time it was known under name Illyrian shepherd and now it is called “Karst Shepherd” since 1968. [_Read more_]

travel-slovenia-mountain-hound1Mountain hound
His newer name is Mountain hound and older Koroški žigec (Carinthia žigec). He used to be the most widely hound in Slovenia. It is well suited for hunting the rabbits and foxes. The dog has a characteristic black color, with gloss. At his chest and paws is rusty or burnt brown. [_Read more_]

travel-slovenia-posavski-hound1Posavski hound
The breed was finally recognized in 1948, when FCI took place in Bled. Standards of this breed were firstly published under name “Karst hound” in 1955, but later, in 1959, name was changed into “Posavski hound”. Standard for this breed as we know today, was approved under the number FCI-154B in 1973. [_Read more_]

travel-slovenia-istrian-hound1Istrian hound
Istrian hound was for the first time mentioned in year 1894 in a book by H. V. Bylandt. Two years later, the Istrian hounds were described by F. B. Laska, who said that breed is known for its immense perseverance and great passion for hunting. But nevertheless, they are very obedient and devoted. [_Read more_]