Culinary delights

travel-slovenia-carniola-sausageCarniolan sausage
Carnilan sausage is Slovenian national dish. A meat product is made only from the finest pork and derives from the cultural heritage of choline. In written sources was first mentioned already in the second half of 19. century. Its name means meat sausage from Carniola. [_Read more_]

travel-slovenia-over-mura-moving-cakePrekmurian layer cake
Over Mura moving cake (Slovenian: Prekmurska gibanica) is a peculiarity among desserts and is considered a Slovene national culinary specialty from Prekmurje cuisine. This festive and ceremonial dish is named after the word wrinkle and is in the region along Mura established since ancient times. [_Read more_]

Dish Yota (slovenian: Jota) is a stew, it is Karst and Friulian one-course dish. Yota is domesticated in Gorica area and other parts of Primorska region, in Friuli, however, it went into oblivion. The name originates from Friulian word jote, which originates from Gallic word for soup, iutta. [_Read more_]

travel-slovenia-bled-cream-cake-viewBled vanilla cream
Bled vanilla cream or cream cake is a symbol of Bled cuisine. At the same time it is much expanded dessert in Slovenia. Cream cake is being prepared in Bled since year 1953, when confectioner Ištvan Lukačević started to make them. He experimented with different recipes. [_Read more_]

Solkan radicchio
Solkan radicchio (also Gorica radicchio or Gorica rose, or in Primorje slang Sukenski regut) is indigenous Slovene species, which originates from Solkan. It grows best and most beautifully in vicinity of Solkan. Botanically it belongs among chicory, domestically radicchio or regatta. [_Read more_]

Frtalja (it. Frittata, also egg omelet) is a simple Slovene independent rustic dish. It is an egg dish, which is known primarily in Primorska cuisine. In other parts of Slovenia, it is known under the name omelet, kaiserschmarrn or pancake, but frtalja is significantly different from all three. [_Read more_]

Ptujski lük
Ptujski lük or Ptuj onion is Slovenian kind of onion and an old name for onion. It has been grown on Ptujsko polje (en. Ptuj field) over 200 years and is of special appearance and taste, which has made it a protected geographical indication, inscribed as Ptuj red (si. Ptujska rdeča). [_Read more_]