Carniolan sausage

Delicious Carniola sausage
Delicious Carniola sausage

Carniolan sausage derives from the cultural heritage of choline and is mentioned in written sources in the second half of the 19th century. Its name means meat sausage from Carniola.

Carniolan sausage is meat product and it’s made only from the finest pork meat. The final taste is mix of pork, pepper and garlic.

Carniolan sausage can be served on countless occasions and in many ways: you can fry it on the grill or in a pan, cook and serve it together with sour turnips or cabbage, can be added to stews, can be cut into slices and serve it as cold cuts. Numeruos ways for a culinary delicacy – Carniola sausage.


Carniolan sausage has evolved in time of the Austro-Hungarian empire, in the beginning of the 19th century. It comes from region Gorenjska, from where it spread through central Slovenia round whole Slovenia as part of menu at special and important events. The empror Franz Joseph got to know the sausage and praised it. It is also mentioned in many old cooking books. Slovenes, during the emigration, took it with and made it recognizable around the world. In german world they know it under name krainer würst, in Anglo-american as kransky sausage. Carniola sausage was also in the space, when an astronaut with slovenian roots took it with on a journey into space.


Today, for promotion of the right Carniolan sausage takes care the Economic Interest Grouping of producers of Carniola sausage, which has been operating since 2005 and brings together eleven certified manufacturers of this top quality product. Association, as the most important role, highlights the quality control and promotion of this slovenian culinary speciality Carniola sausage. The sausage must be made strictly by carefully prescribed and approved manufacturing process.


On 21 February 2013 was accepted a decree declating the tradicional manufacturing of Carniolan sausage as live masterpiece of national importance.


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