Slovenian movies

travel-slovenia-na-svoji-zemljiOn our own land
The movie On our own land is the first Slovenian sound full-length feature film, which was for the first time played on November 21st 1948 in Ljubljana. It is a war movie, filmed in year 1947 and 1948  in black-white technique. The story talks about a struggle of Partisans and civil residents on Primorska. [_Read more_]

travel-slovenia-ne-joci-peter-viewDon’t cry, Peter
The movie titled ”Ne joči, Peter” is a Slovenian war movie, released on November 17th 1964, director of which is France Štiglic. The movie talks about honorable assignment of two Partisan combat engineers. Their task is to take three war orphan children away from dangerous area to the liberation land. [_Read more_]

Kekec is the first Slovenian youth movie, as well as the first Slovenian movie, which received the international award golden lion on the 16th Venetian movie festival in the category children’s movies. It is an adventurous-fairy-tale children’s movie from director Jože Gale from year 1951. [_Read more_]