Revealing of monument to Valentin Vodnik

Monument of Valentin Vodnik

Vodnik’s monument was revealed on June 30th 1889 infront of Ljubljana lyceum, it is a monument for Valentin Vodnik and stands on Vodnik square in old part of Ljubljana. Today the monument faces the market with its back.

It is bronze full-set statue, which is work of sculptor Alojz Gangl. It is 2.5 meters high, stands on a stone block, and then on graduated pedestal. This two parts of the monument were the work of architect Jan Duffer. It is surrounded by iron fance. On the monument, the last stanza of Vodnik’s song ”My monument” is written.

Not a daughter not a son
Will be after me
There is enough of memory
Songs are singing about me.

Old picture of the monument

At 100th birth anniversary of Valentin Vodnik, the poet and politican Lovro Toman gave the  initiative for erection of the monument, the appeal to collect contributions was published by Janez Bleiweis. Vodnik’s monument is the first Slovenian national monument, erected in time of awaken Slovenian national consciousness. At revealing of the monument, big ceremony and tri-day celebration was organised, thousands of Slovenians came to this event from all over Carniola. The building of lyceum behind the monument was demolished in year 1902, as after the big quake in Ljubljana, it was to damaged. That caused some public outrage, as market place, which was built on its place, was not considered respectful enough as a background to such a feature. At ceremony of 120th anniversary of Illyrian provinces in year 1929, a bronze wreath with bundle, letters R and F and a swearing hand above the inscription Vodnik were added, as Vodnik was a great supporter of Illyrian provinces.


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