Release of booklet Moj pusl je ta Leus

These days the KTT Society Baška Heritage released a booklet Moj pusl je ta leus – Flower-Sunday tuft of greenery in Baška grapa. The author of the text is a member of Society Olga Zgaga. The release of the booklet was co-financed by Ministry for Culture in the frame of public notice for the selection of public cultural projects in the field of immovable cultural heritage 2021. Flower Sunday tuft of greenery or bouquet (si. pušl) or pusu, as it has been made in eleven villages of the upper part of Baška grapa, characterized by a Tyrolean settlement in the 13th century, is since the year 2013 registered into the living cultural heritage of Slovenia. The Society revived the custom in the year 2008 when they prepared the first workshop of creating of bouquet in Podbrdo, and since then it is a constant of Flower-Sunday week. Only in the year 2021, because of Corona times, it was transferred to the internet.

The creation of the bouquet encouraged the interest of the public to the extent that it was part of the Flower-Sunday bundles festival of Slovenija in Zgornje Palovče six times and on the same name festival in Železniki. The Society also showed the creation on Flower Saturday at the fair in Tolmin (organized by KZ Tolmin), in the Cerklje museum, and Society of rural wives of Upper Posočje.

With the booklet that for the first time describes in detail the method of creation, necessary greenery and its symbolism, usability throughout the year, and the protection of the custom, the KTT Society Baška Heritage wants to condense the cooperation of the local community in protection, interpretation, and evaluation of this cultural heritage and placement into the content of cultural tourism in Baška grapa. The first move was pulled already during its formation, which attracted those locals who still have these skills in their hands. They would like to encourage also the planting of one basic ingredient of the bouquet, indigenous species of boxwood, which was almost destroyed by box tree moth. With likable and open promotion and versatility when connecting with near and far cultures, they also want to consolidate this heritage’s place in the family of Slovenian bundles.

By the way, it also peaked into other villages of Baška grapa, from Hudajužna to Podmelec, where the tuft of greenery is called kaštron and wrote down what they found.

Thanks all for all the support in preserving this living heritage.

Bouquet has been entered in the register of living heritage since the year 2013. Visit web page HERE.