Prešeren day

dr. France Prešeren
dr. France Prešeren

Slovenian cultural and national holiday is celebrated on February 8th, on the anniversary of the death of the greatest Slovenian poet dr. France Prešeren, who died in year 1849. This day is called Prešeren day. At this opportunity central national celebration occurs. The Prešeren awards and awards of Prešeren fund are also given for top artistic achievements.

In year 1943 this celebration became the first Pan-Slovenian celebration by agreement of national-liberation movement. But at that time, this was a holiday of Pan-Slovenian unity, which was celebrated on February 7th. 8th February 1945, the day became the holiday of Slovenian culture. The holiday was preserved also after the declaration of independence. In year 1991 this day was declared as non-working day.


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travel-slovenia-france-preseren-viewFrance Prešeren
France Prešeren is the greatest Slovenian poet, who was born on 3. December 1800 in village Vrba, he died on 8. February 1849 in Kranj. France Prešeren was born into peasant family in Vrba on Gorenjska. In year 1844 he wrote poem Toast, which 7th stanza is today Slovenian national anthem. [_Read more_]