On our own land

The scene from the movie
The scene from the movie

The movie On our own land (en. Na svoji zemlji) is the first Slovenian sound full-length feature film, which was for the first time played on November 21st 1948 in Ljubljana.  In the time it was played, the movie was viewed by 400.000 viewers around Slovenia. It is a war movie, filmed in year 1947 and 1948 in black-white technique. The story talks about a struggle of Partisans and civil residents on Primorska for liberation from under 25 years of Italian occupation.

Film was directed by France Štiglic, the script was written by Ciril Kosmač after his novel Očka orel (en. Father eagle). His characters are compelling, as Ciril Kosmač felt the violence on his own skin.  The story itself consistently follows historical facts. Originally the movie’s title was V srcu Evrope (en. In the heart of Europe), but at the end of the shooting new title was established – On their land. By original script the movie ends in Baška grapa, the place where Stane returned after liberation as a teacher, but that time political conditions demanded the end with liberations of Trieste.

Many creators of the movie got in year 1949 national recognition and rewards, among them was also Ciril Kosmač who got Prešernova award for his script. The director France Štiglic got his Prešeren (award) reward only in year 1962 for movies Valley of peace, Ninth ring and Ballad of trumpet and the cloud.

Movie On their land was represented on canvas in year 1949 in Cannes, France. It was represented as the first Slovenian or Yugoslavian movie. It was the only movie, to which they erected the monument. It was made by sculptor Peter Jovanovič. On stone pedestal is written: In these places the movie On their land was recorded. The monument was ceremoniously unveiled in year 1975 on Grahovo ob Baču. The unveiling of the monument was visited also by all the living members of the crew and many locals.

Štefka Drolc and Aleksander Valič on October 6th 2012 opened Thematic path On their Land in Grahovo ob Baču. The path represents seven locations, where they recorded the most important scenes from the movie.


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France Štiglič
France Štiglič is Slovenian movie director and screenwriter, who was born on November 12th, 1919 in Kranj, he died on May 4th, 1993 in Ljubljana. He was also NLS partisan and journalist, in Ljubljana, he studied law. After the war, he was among the leading organizers of the movie industry in Slovenia. [_Read more_]

Rudi Bašelj
Rudi Bašelj was a Slovenian NLS fighter, combat engineer and saboteur, who was born on April 18th, 1918 in Pušnik – Bukovski vrh, he died on December 6th, 1979 in Koritnica. In November 1943 he joins partisans, when he returned from the Italian army after the their capitulation. [_Read more_]

Baška grapa
Baška grapa is 30 kilometers long valley of river Bača, which is trapped between Lower Bohinj mountains (si. Spodnje Bohinjske gore) on the north and Porezen, Kojca and Šentvid mountain and Cerkno hills on the south. Ridges around Baška grapa do not exceed 2000 meters. [_Read more_]

Grahovo ob Bači
Grahovo ob Bači is a nucleated settlement on the south-western slope of Kotel above river Bača. Settlement covers hamlets Brdo, Ravnce, Na Koncu, Postaja, Spodnje Bukovo. The settlement has approximate 200 inhabitants. Grahovo was for the first time mentioned in the year 1377. [_Read more_]

Koritnica is a smaller settlement on the right bank of river Bača in municipality Tolmin and one of six settlements, which are located at the bottom of Baška grapa. The settlement was one of the locations of the shooting of movie On our own land. Koritnica is attested in written sources in 1377 as Coritinicha. [_Read more_]